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I'm Worried Now - Progress!

Morgan, Susan and I just got back from a trip to Port Townsend to have Neville Pearsall at Synergy Sound do the mastering of our final mixes.  Mastering is a process where Neville, with his finely-tuned ears, sweetens the sonic quality of the tracks and balances out the levels of all the tracks and the whole cd itself so that if you listen to it in a rotation with other CDs it will fit in.

Neville's studio is in one of the old bunker-like military buildings at Fort Worden and it's great to be there in the winter and reflect on the great summer fiddle festival experiences we've had there.  After a really long, tedious day of watching Neville tweak menus on his computer and listen to the tracks over and over it was amazing how much better they sounded compared to what we came in with.  Well worth the trip......  plus we got to play tunes the night before till all hours with Tony Goldenberg, one of our favorite fiddlers who lives in Port Townsend. 

Next steps on the CD will be to work out the mechanical licences we need to pay on several of the songs on the CD, then get the disks pressed.  We decided to try silkscreening the packaging ourselves using blank Arigato Boxes from Stumptown Printers in Portland.  This may be a decision we'll live to regret but at least these first 500 should be collector's items!


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