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CD is Out!

Just got one of them new-fangled Buy buttons working on the Listen/Buy page so if you have a credit card or a paypal acct stop by and we'll get a CD out to you real quick.  Only $12 and that includes the shipping too!

Stay tuned for news about an upcoming CD Release Party.......

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Shout Out to Debby Delmore

Just wanted to say thanks to Debby Delmore and Vidor Publications for giving us the permission to record the 3 Delmore Brother's songs we have on the new CD.  Debby is the daughter of Alton Delmore and maintains the tribute site for the Delmore's at, if you get a chance you should stop by for a visit.

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Silkscreen Madness

Morgan and I spent the day sunday slikscreening on the CD boxes for "I'm Worried Now".  We got about 1/2 way through the 2nd color when we had to quit do to wrists turning to jello.  1000 pulls of the silkscreen squeege is more strenuous than we had planned.  We got enough finished packages though to hold us for awhile.  The finished CD disks are due to be done tomorrow so we'll be able to load up a few packages to take down to the Portland Old-time Gathering this weekend.  This is an amazing event in case you've never attended. Here are couple pictures from the screen printing marathon the other day.


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