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Colorado Field Report 1

In the better late than never department, here's a couple pics from our show at the Laughing Goat in Boulder in October. That's Andrea Earley Coen clogging with us and playing the fiddle for a few tunes and Ellen Rosenberg, our gracious host while in Colorado, playing the uke with us on stage.  All in all a great trip!  Some other highlights of the trip include playing (with Larry Edelman fiddling) at a square dance at the Oskar Blues Bar in Lyons, another show at the Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont and the trip to the OME banjo factory in Boulder where Tanya Ogsbury helped Morgan with a last minute banjo head repair and we toured their amazing shop. That was like visiting banjo heaven!

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Market Season is Open

Now that the weather has perked up a little, we're back to playing at the Ballard Farmer's Market a couple sundays a month.  Stop by and say hi!  Here's Morgan and our guest fiddler Molly Tenenbaum a couple weeks ago..... (thanks to Ellen Zeigler for the photos!)

Part of our pre-market ritual is an early breakfast at Hattie's Hat on Ballard ave.













Thanks to photo techniques developed by NASA for deep space photography, here's a low light-level time exposure showing the rarely seen interior of Hatties:

Plus a night-vision photo of their Corned-beef Hash (made with market fresh beets!) This is some tasty hash!


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